Carbon dioxide fixation syndrome

Carbon Dioxide Fixation Syndrome - CDFS


We have all had the flu or CDFS or FLU/CDFS at one time or another。 Science can't seem to figure out the cure though。 There are people who suffer from it constantly。 For those people I thought I'd take some time to see if I can help them learn some things about science。 Take a look at this snapshot from Duck。

The statement to not place them on the ceiling is so simple in logic it seems obvious that it's true, right? Science determined very thoroughly with no valid opposition to the conclusion that by all accounts carbon dioxide is heavier than air so it's clear that we have been doing our carbon monoxide detectors all wrong.

Problem it leaves out convection。 The problem with carbon oxide is that in the concern about it sense it's coming from home heating systems that use gas or oil for heating thus because heat rises and there is convection, the ceiling is really the best place for it even though CO is heavier than air。

You see in the climate-cult they leave out all these kinds of deductions and understandings.

Science is claimed the reason we need to turn our world upside down to plant wind farm seeds everywhere and as they sprout using massive amounts of carbon to build and maintain them covering 1/2 our earth to get the required energy from this chaotic unreliable source, science tells us carbon dixode goes up into the air and forms a blanket that insulates.

But if that were true, as Simon Science Says then why are we also told by science that carbon oxide is heavier than air? That is a contradiction in terms。

So the home carbon dioxide detectors are said they should be on the floor because the carbon blankets will fall and be better detected there, while the eco-loons never tell us any of this. They paint this picture of blankets in the sky covering Earth not allowing heat to escape. They are using science but not in a way that reaches conclusions that are accurate, instead only looking at a slice of variables and properties of one atom of carbon mixed with two atoms of oxygen mixed and baked into a pie and because it can be or added to polyester to form a blanket they convince you that is the way it is, it can be no other way which of course is science but it's bogus science or over simplified science or science lacking proper full understanding and applications to reach conclusions that physics would.

Of course as we study further we find that that snapshot actually says CO is lighter than air.

Considering the amount of CO2 in the air though is quite enlightening as there is only a mere .0004 in the atmosphere.

极品斗地主Water vapor comprises 4% of our atmosphere. Compare quantites for a good laugh. It's 10,000% difference. Oh we already did that but it's worth repeating until the cow farts come home to annoy politicians that are all lost in the carbon clouds, or are political cons.

The cause of climate change is not carbon dioxide, it it water vapor.

California cons flip out over the possibility that carbon dioxide could double yet in the real world down from the carbon clouds when looked at by those who don't suffer from CDFS, if that happened water vapor would cause climate change by a factor of 5,000% over CO2. Sky is falling again.

What we need is water vapor capture systems to save our planet, problem is where do we store all that water vapor captured。 Send it to Mars along with all the climate hucksters and loons。

Maybe what we need to do is bury this insane sales pitch of global warming and STOP building industrial wind farming that wastes energy to fix something that cannot be fixed because climate is not broken. It never was broken. We don't have to fix it.

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski


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