Cherokee County Glaciers Edge Wind Project damage to blades could be costing $20 million

$20 million to repair blades

5/15/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

The wind farm in Cherokee County Glaciers Edge Wind Project possibly was damaged by ice possibly 96 blades。

It was stated,

"I hear it might cost perhaps $20 million to repair and replace the turbine blades."

"Just the expense of leasing or renting a massive Manitowoc or Liebherr top-off crane can cost upwards of $80,000 to $100,000 per month, plus operator and crew。"

极品斗地主I can't help but always think how the monies we spend on these could house all homeless forever。

This is another $20 million that if it were buying outright could be used for 200 homes at $100,000 each。

copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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