New York State utter fantasy goal of 100% renewable by 2040

New York State apparently believes fairy tales can come true


The state is hyperproactive in reaching 100% renewable energy goal by 2040。

That is a mere 20 years from now.

极品斗地主Let's hope 2020 brings some clarity to this insane push that is already ruining the ability to "recharge" when you go for a drive in the country where it is void of these mess makers, is there any place left without this wind farm crap?

I want to touch on one thing I read, and always read with these pushes for renewable energy,

Their aims are like a 1 year old toddler aiming to be as good at golf as Tiger Woods. The chances of that toddler growing up after 20 years to be as good is equally as slim.

极品斗地主These INDUSTRIALIST SCAMS repeatedly dangle these carrots filled with lies like a pinata in front of people while behind the scenes at the party no one notices how they are all grabbing money from everyone's wallets.

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski

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