Now they want 700% renewables

Now they want 700% renewables


No longer are they happy with 50% renewables or 100% renewables they now are shooting for 700% renewables。

I am not making this up.

Maybe this is a joke. If it is hahaha.

If not we have the lunacy reaching new highs, or, we have game players seeing how far they can deceive the public with exaggerations, or we have stupid people who don't understand math. Oh I see what they mean to say is increasing the renewables 700% which is 8 times more which still is bad math.

Wind energy is losing steam, steam of course it used to have being mostly powered by fossil fuels - which is made from all of your money - and they are all getting deseperate.

Wind farming is a scam. I can't believe they got away with it so long. It shows and children's coloring books presented by politicians.

What's odd is that how I came across this page was link jumping regarding hucksters from Enron that somehow blew into the wind industry in Australia。 

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski

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