Renewable is renewable is energy mix is all the same exaggerations and tricks

Sales pitches and reports in the news often don't even make any sense


极品斗地主I read this statement .

I almost just skimmed on past it but in considering it further realized it makes no sense.

It was about a turbine that exploded into thick black smoky flames there。

The sentence says the same thing 2 times.

The term "renewable energy" and "energy mix" is the same thing。 This is how we get tricked。

They made it sound like 9% was wind energy, it's likely more like 1%, a mere insignificant 1%。

I know this because I was looking up these kinds of details on the Arizona utilities website (add link here if possible) and it too had first sounded like wind was a significant portion but the details looked at more closely showed it so much less.

Almost all reporting on "renewables" uses these tricks。

copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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