Soon there will be no more open

Now even New Mexico is becoming filled with wind filth


This is ono of the prettiest states in the west it's sad to learn they are allowing it to be destroyed this way.

I drove through New Mexico once. It was vast expansed of so much beauty. There were no wind farms anywhere at that time. The drive helped me recharge. That recharge lasted for years.

I drive through wind farms here now in the desert of California regularly. That drive through them is NEVER a recharge. It's stressful especially if there is wind and these massive giant skyscraper like spinning propellers are turning and disorienting as you drive through these farms. OMG it's horrible.

Is this a good use of our energy to add blight farms that will instead of being a drive that recharges makes you cringe? Makes you feel like you are driving through Los Angeles? This part of the desert used to be a vast expanse of beauty that helped you recharge。 Now it sucks energy in more ways than one。 Years ago I was told those farms were tax write offs, subsidized, and scams。 Has this changed? Apparently not。

The industrial revolution has it's good points but it's greed side to it has caused places to decline. Once cute little villages seen their roadside motels abandoned. Route 66 made a renaissance when the charm was rediscoverd but in New Mexico, areas off that renaissance route have tiny towns that could have used wind farming subsidies to fix them up.

Instead yet again we leave them to rot and install money sucking wind farms which will guarantee they will rot fully。

In looking at where the newest one will go in we see it's a tiny old town Encino in Torrance County. A search presents images like how Winslow and old Route 66 towns used to look and how Miami Beach even used to look before the historians and restore crowd came in bring them into fantastic glory and profit. Notice the old motel.

极品斗地主This is what is meant by Make America Great Again, renewing little towns and Miami Beaches that fell into disrepair, from our country to our cities, renewing our QUALITY OF LIFE. Miami restoration was a huge challenge but there was big money to be found in such investment as we see it thriving once again now. There isn't that kind of big money in smaller towns and villages though and they struggle and rot.

Many will say that the landscape out there in Encino is wasteland but how did that happen where it lost it's little cute motel? Other industrialization messes that sucked energy from others and gave it to their investors. That money ends up in Miami condos, businesses, and wealthy cities the like. Ask them if they care. They do this to the entire world while they live in their massive energy consuming worlds that block them out of dealing with the rest of it.

We should not be allowing our gorgeous viewscapes to be filled with ugly skyscraping white spinning propeller sticks that are sucking energy from us more than they are producing it。 They are not making America great and ultimately now symbolize the core foundation of what is wrong with it。

It's disgusting to see what these industrialist portfolios are doing to the world and how now it's becoming so bad that we are becoming glued to devices that present illusions。 We view slick ad campaigns and theatrics in production that present wind turbines as pretty Superwomen there to give us protection from harm and power everything we have so we can live a life of bliss。 Meanwhile suicide rates go up, mass murders increase, stress levels soar。

Those in liberal medias love to feature people who hate Trump who does not like wind farms and has repeatedly pointed out how they have ruined the beauty of the drive into Palm Springs and other places. They trash everything he says, highlight their friends con games of the fantasy of impeachment, and that it was the Russians that got Trump elected instead of the people, and make their audience believe that America was never great. It was great for so many people before wind farm blight everywhere and the stresses of fighting all these disgusting solar farms as well.

They are these very industrialists who suck money from all of these communities, giving it all to themselves while they use it to live in places free of wind turbine blight, have their servants, and spend all your good reliable energy on pushing sugar, drugs, and crap energy systems as they lie over and over again to keep getting your energy.

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski


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