Traffic jam in the electric grid is a sticky subject in discussing green energy

Sticky subject!


OMG carbon road prints, now what? What are we going to drive our electri-socialist cars on? The wind?

We were so busy sending our unicorns on weather balloons to the clouds to report back to us we forgot about carbon roads to everywhere they take us.

Then the elephant appeared in the sky claiming it is more powerful that that ant crossing the road first, but the nutty carbon crusaders went all social and insisted elephants can't do anything to affect climate even though they are 10,000% bigger than the carbon road kill。

极品斗地主 In all nutty eco-discussions on this road less traveled we find the more climate changes the more it remains the same。

Let me know when there is a phone call for an end of all modern roads in dealing with the "threat of carbon" a most plentiful part of Earth itself but is only found as 。0004th of the atmosphere above, as climate preachers on high continue their lunatic claims of existence doom and demand we "fix it" by ruining the planet with retarded wind spinner sticks that spin backwards using up energy to produce wind that other wind sticks make energy to power and use up 7 trillion times more carbon than we currently do to save us all from nothing and you thought they powered 10 zillion homes OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS YOU FELL FOR THAT BULLSHIT while all the opportunists in the room have STOCK in money rakes collecting all the green energy for themselves as they ruin all the open spaces and roof tops everywhere except where they live in their elitist bubbles free of fake clean energy that uses more energy。


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copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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