Texas wind farms flashing red lights seen 30 miles away no longer serene

Flashing red lights seen 30 miles away in Texas a place where there are vast expanses of viewscapes are now POLLUTED with wind farms



Jodie Hagler kept her words short.

"And I'm going to speak from the ladies view point, why would we give an abatement to something is going to change the value of peoples property, and the majority of people do not want it?"

Brown reminds that while the Tynan wind farms are 30 miles from his home, the red lights atop the towers can be seen.

Chevelon Canyon Butte wind farm south of Winslow by 20 miles will be seen there. They will be 755 feet high and be seen then all the way from the San Francisco Peaks and Flagstaff.


Those who are transferring your energy to them。

That would include presidential candidates like Tom Steyer who is billionaire in part from these pollution makers, he tried so hard to enslave Arizona rate payers with these pieces of white colonist junk, and Bernie Sanders who wants to cover the Earth with these things to save the planet from spinning out of control on a new axis due to weather change, though one has to ask if it's the Earth's weather that is out of control or him as he acts like a mad man all the time。



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