Wildfire that would decimate Apache-Sitgreaves forest is a possibility if one of 175 turbines at Chevelon Butte wind farm project if approved caught fire

极品斗地主The possibility of massive fire caused by wind farm next to Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is a concern of many who visit and live in that area


9/20/2019 updated 10/17/2019

FIRE DANGER: all it will take is a bolt of lightning to turn one of these spinning skyscraper turbines all over the brush below to create another horror that could jump the canyon and destroy Chevelon area homes and land and there is no fire department out there we don't need 175 ready to light turbine match sticks threatening that area for decades to come

"I am very concerned about the possibility of fire if the the proposed Chevelon Butte wind farm project by Spower in Arizona south of Winslow were built as it butts up against the Apache-Sitgreaves forest and there is no fire response close by. In 2002 the Rodeo-Chediski fire . It burned from June 18th to it's final containment on July 7 and that was in the forest below close to fire response starting on Indian Tribal lands below Heber-Overgaard. It cost $43 million in fossil fuel based green energy $$. Since wind farms are basically energy sucking mechanisms they should not be built at Chevelon Butte for reasons that include fire threat of pristine National Forests and red flashing light blight."极品斗地主 - as posted by yours truly on on 9/20/2019



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