Wind farms are interfering with global cooling

Wind farms are interfering with the cooling of the Earth


It was statistically insignificant before when the only wind farms were in Palm Springs, but now, they have taken over the planet.

It's pretty simple really, they slow down the wind.

Wind moves heat across wide thousands of mile swaths out and up to the upper atmosphere where frigid space is constantly cooling it.

Wind turbines take that wind and slow it down.

Another big problem is all the new skyscrapers slowing the wind down.

Thus we have heat that cannot escape past the plastic wrap covering the minds of all eco-loons that will continue to insist wind farms are not causing climate change。

极品斗地主Now some of them, including some scientists, will say this is still statistically insignificant。

Maybe it is, maybe it is not, but then if they are going to talk about statistical insignificance they need to address the thousands of elephants in the room that are also blocking wind flow as they are smoking cigars saying that carbon dioxide is statistically insignificant as it's only 1 part per 2,500 parts of other air and it cannot trap anything more than one mouse could trap 100 elephants smoking cigars that cause climate change.

copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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